Aircraft Types

There are many different types of aircraft available for private aviation. Depending on the trip, passenger count, and airport, there is a perfect fit for each mission.



Turboprops are usually used for small hops and very short runways.

Passenger count: 6-8

Max range: 1500-1800 nm (2-3h flight time)

Typical turboprops: KingAir, Piaggio, Cessna Caravan

Price point: $

Light Jet.png

Light Jet

Light jets are the smallest types of jet aircraft. They usually serve short and medium range trips.

Passenger count: 6-8

Max range: 1500 - 2000 nm (2.5 - 3.5h flight time)

Typical light jets: Hawker 400XP, Lear 40, CJ3 Phenom 300

Price point: $$


Mid-size Jet

Mid-size jets offer a slightly larger cabin and longer range than light jets.

Passenger count: 7-9

Max range: 2300- 2800 nm (~4.5h flight time)

Typical mid-size jets: Hawker 800XP, Lear 60, Lear 75, Citation Excel

Price point: $$$


Super-mid Jet

Super-mid jets offer a much larger cabin size than mids as well as a much longer range. They are ideal for trips from coast to coast.

Passenger count: 8-10

Max range: 3000- 3600 nm (5-6h flight time)

Typical super-mid jets: F50EX, CL300, G280, Citation X, Hawker 4000

Price point: $$$$


Heavy Jet

Heavy jets offer a large cabin and range. They are usually used for coast to cost flights as well as flights from the US to Europe and vice versa.

Passenger count: 12-14

Max range: 3500- 4600 nm (7-9h flight time)

Typical heavy jets: F900EX, GIV, G400, CL604, GV, Global 5000

Price point: $$$$$


Ultra Long Range

Ultra long jets offer the longest range of an private jets. Such trips include New York - Tokyo or Los Angeles - Dubai.

Passenger count: 14-19

Max range: 6500- 7400 nm (>10h flight time)

Typical ultra long range jets: Falcon 8X, G650, Global 6000.

Price point: $$$$$$$$



Airliners are usually used to transport a larger amount of passengers or to travel in luxury beyond imagination.

Passenger count: 28-215

Max range: 4500- 10000 nm (>10h flight time)

Typical airliners: BBJ (Boeing), ACJ (Airbus)

Price point: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ... when money just does not matter anymore.